Valentines Day - Commercial, or a lovely reminder?...

It is Valentines Day today, and I have had so many emails coming through my inbox - even the most unromantic things, somehow being pushed as a valentines offer.. just off the top of my head.. meat!! Get your lover a meat box of all things.. well truth be told, that would probably work for my husband, and I'm not one to complain about a well cooked piece of steak either.


Last year, my husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They were stunning and of course, every girl loves to get flowers..and chocolate. However, the shine was soon smudged when I saw the transaction on the credit card bill...boy howdy that was an expensive few days of flower gazing and sniffing!

bouquet of flowers


Valentines day certainly can be a huge commercial drive that pushes us to buy things we don't want or need. But if we remember the sentiment behind the day, it really is worth celebrating. Modern life is busy..chaotic even, and it is easy to get swept up in the routines and hustle and bustle of daily life, work, kids, cleaning, cooking, after school activities.. we often loose sight of the little things that keep us connected to our partners. 


I thought it was worth sharing some inspiration for ways to show your love in thoughtful, meaningful ways that won't break the bank.. no grandiose declarations of love with expensive gifts of diamonds and pearls or new golf carts suggested here I promise. 


  • A beautiful house plant is a great gift that will continue to grow for years after Valentines Day. Two of my favourites - a string of pearls, and a chain of hearts.. a little symbolic I think!! House plants are also VERY on trend at the moment, and help clean the air whilst looking trendy - how fab is that!!

house plants

  • A handwritten poem or love letter. My husband has written me a few over the years and they are so special. I'm not one to hang on to things as I really dislike clutter, and like our home to be pretty minimalist but I most certainly have kept them and even when I read them now years later- they still have the power to make me well up. It's certainly a damn sight more romantic than an 'I love you text' don't you think?

love letters

  • A special meal, or delicious cake or cookies. If you can make it yourself - even better on the pocket but a nice meal out can certainly soothe the soul while filling your belly. If you have kids at home, it provides a nice chance to reconnect, have some adult conversation and enjoy your meal while it's hot - without having to persuade the little ones to eat their greens and bribe them with ice cream. I always try to do some special valentines themed baking for my family and the kids really enjoy this too. There are heaps of ideas online, including these white chocolate and raspberry shortbread I made yesterday. Yum!!

valentines day cookies


  • An experience - the ultimate minimalist gift that you are both sure to remember. Whether it's a bike ride and picnic, stargazing with a bottle of wine, or an action packed sky dive.. you do you. But the thought and planning really expresses how much you care - more then any teddy bear could!



  • And finally, put your phone down, be present 



Happy V day lovers!!




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