New Years Resolutions anyone?

Yes I know I know.. not the old, Im going to eat clean and exercise everyday thing.. We have all been there, started off with a hiss and a roar, before we know it we are back to our old tricks watching Netflix and picking chip crumbs out from our chests. My resolution this year though, is a little less self absorbed. I have been reading Bea Johnson's book 'Zero Waste'. Now don't be put off by that title - of course we can't be zero waste and she and her family isn't either, although she comes pretty damn close. Anyway I digress. Bea offers lots of ideas and inspiration and I admit - I thought I was doing ok but I realise I have so many more areas I can improve on. So that is my resolution for this year. And I plan to share these ideas with you over the coming months. Little ways we can reduce our waste and live more sustainably. Who knows, maybe you might be inspired too.

Watch this space!

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