Litterless Lunchboxes

We all want to send our children to school with a nutritious and interesting lunch but, let’s be honest, the daily term-time ritual of packing school lunch boxes can become a real chore. And when we stop and think about all the plastic and non-biodegradable packaging that convenience foods come in it can be disheartening!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you think of making a plastic-free litterless lunch that your children will actually eat and enjoy but I am here to tell you that it can be done with very little extra effort or expense! I have put together a few ideas and suggestions to help and inspire you.

Wrap it up!

Our reusable Bee Green wax wraps are handmade in the Waikato using 100% cotton infused with New Zealand beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil. They are available in a range of colours and sizes and are naturally antibacterial and easy to clean.

Bee Green wraps are so versatile and make planning and packing a litterless lunch box fun and easy. Here are some ideas:

  • Buy snacks and crackers in bulk instead of smaller multi-packs to reduce plastic packaging. Wrap individual portions of rice crackers and chips in a snack wrap to keep them crispy.
  • No one likes a soggy sandwich! It’s easy to keep sandwiches, wraps, pita pockets and even sushi fresh and dry by wrapping them in our sandwich wrap.

  • Wrap handfuls of popcorn or pretzels in a snack wrap to prevent them getting stale by lunchtime.
  • Slices of cooked chicken or meat can be safely wrapped to add protein to a lunch box.
  • Cheese is another high protein snack to fill tummies. Wrap cheese cubes or slices of cheese between two crackers to keep prevent the cheese from spoiling or the crackers from going soggy.

Back to nature

One of the simplest ways to reduce your use of plastic is to include nude food like fruit, vegetables and nuts - nature has already provided the packing! There is almost no wastage and any inedible peels can be composted in the garden or put in a worm farm. Try to include at least one fruit and one vegetable in a lunchbox, such as carrots, apples, grapes, mushrooms or strawberries.

Younger children may need their fruit or vegetables cut into smaller pieces. However many children are put off by fruit that has browned once sliced. A good tip is to use an apple slicer or cutter to cut an apple into wedges and then wrap it up in one of our snack wax wraps so that the apple maintains its shape and the slices are held together. Half an avocado can also be stored well in a snack wax wrap to keep it fresh and green.

It’s a great idea to involve your children in preparing their lunches as much as you can. Grow fruit and vegetables in your garden, even if it is just one cucumber or strawberry plant in a pot. Allowing them to help with weekly baking to make muesli bars or biscuits has so many positive benefits - they practice the valuable life skill of cooking, learning to measure ingredients makes maths fun, plastic packaging is drastically reduced and you get to spend fun, quality time together.

Put it in a pouch

Buy yoghurt in larger containers to reduce plastic or make your own and then decant portions into our Kai Carrier pouches. These convenient food pouches are a great reusable option instead of single-use plastic containers.

Puree your favourite fruit combinations in a food processor, pour into a pouch and then freeze for an easy and healthy snack. The frozen pouch keeps other food in the lunch box cool during summer and is a delicious treat when it has defrosted by lunchtime.

Save yourself time by filling a batch of pouches and you will feel so good when you can just pull one out the freezer in the morning and pop it in a lunchbox!

Small changes can make a big difference

Why not follow our suggestions and challenge yourself to make your lunchboxes litterless during Plastic Free July? To help you do this, we are offering free shipping of all orders from our website during July. There is no minimum spend, just use JULY as the code when you purchase.

With a little planning, you can feed your family nutritious and delicious food while doing your part to look after our planet and teaching your children to do the same.


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