Healthy & Waste Free Snack Recipes

I am always looking for snack ideas for my family that are simple, healthy and plastic packaging-free - it’s not easy I know!  Many of my customers are also passionate about making healthy choices that are kind to our environment so I thought I would share a few of my recipes with you today.


kai carrier pouches

Fruit Custard

Kai Carrier Pouches are such a simple and fun way to get young children to eat nutritious food.  They are reusable food pouches that you can fill with homemade food without any excess sugar, nasty additives or preservatives. 

They are really convenient for when you need food on the go and will save you money - I like to make a bulk recipe, fill a few pouches and then refrigerate or freeze until needed.

My youngest son has been teething and this Blueberry Custard compote is my go-to when his little mouth is sore.  He loves sucking it out of the pouch and the cool compote soothes his gums.

fruit custard


kai carrier pouches

Filling the pouches with Mum is fun!


fruit custard recipe

Waste-free Yogurt 

Waste-free yogurt is another way I use my Kai Carriers.  My children love one in their lunchboxes almost every day!  I use an old Easiyo yogurt maker but unfortunately the Easiyo yogurt sachets are not recyclable.   To reduce waste, I make a batch of yogurt with the sachet and when that yogurt is almost finished, I will make my next batch using this recipe.




Choc Chip Cookies

I love this recipe!  It easily makes enough to freeze half of the baked cookies which makes baking far more time and energy-efficient. All of the ingredients can be bought from a whole food shop like Bin Inn - I just take my containers in and fill them up or fill random little cloth bags I have collected over the last year or two. 

Watch out for sneaky babies who help themselves while they are cooling!!

Once your cookies are cooled, store them out of reach of littlies in a Big Flat Wrap and then pack into lunchboxes or take them on the go in a snack wrap.
choc chip cookie recipe
Another really quick go to of mine - and I wouldn't call it a recipe, is simply putting carrot or celery sticks (or both) in a jar with a lid, with a layer of hummus at the bottom. Hummus is really quick, easy and cheap to make - but you can buy it from the store too. My bigger boys love this, and it's a great on the go snack to take in the car when I whisk them from school to run errands...Hangry boys are not something you want to be around!!!
waste free snacks

Every action counts

I want to encourage you today - living a healthy and sustainable life doesn’t have to be hard.  Just do what you can, when you can, with what you have. Every little action counts!



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