Covid- 19 madness, and lessons learned from the hive regarding community

First of all let me say..boy am I glad we live in little old New Zealand. I think largely we have been lucky here so far and hopefully with the systems that the government has put in place in recent weeks and with the borders closing as of today we will get on top of this to keep our nation safe.

It is scary and uncertain times and I don't know about you, but this panic buying hysteria seems to be as contagious as the virus itself. Last week I think we were sitting here in the Waikato tut tutting at the silly goings on in Auckland and it seems that we are slowly progressing to the same madness here in Hamilton. I popped in to my local supermarket this morning to grab a few items we were low on and I couldn't believe how many sections of the supermarket were empty.. canned food, fresh fruit and vegetables, nappies, and bleach were just a few things I noticed. Now - we do not have a shortage of this stuff in NZ it’s simply that the supermarkets cannot keep up with demand to restock the shelves!!

We must remember though, that there are some people who are so vulnerable to this virus and going out and buying all the stuff and leaving nothing for others is not exactly community spirit.

I came across a post from The Bartlett Bee Whisperer and I had to share some of his lessons learned from the hive regarding community.

  1. The individual bee is vested in her hive. Everything she does is for its betterment. She works tirelessly to serve others and strengthen her hive, caring for both the young and old.
  2. Scout forager bees find new plots of flowers bursting with nectar and come home to share it with others waiting for directions to the new food. "I found something wonderful and everyone who can, should go and get it".
  3. Share what you can. Honey bees share their nectar with other bees and even with their enemies - the small hive beetles. If the beetles are hungry and go through the same begging motions drone honey bees so, the enemy will be fed.


Love your hive, care for others, play nice and be kind - none of us know other people's circumstances and what vulnerable people they might be trying to protect.



Wash your hands and stay safe out there people! Kia Kaha.  


hand washing



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