A simple way to reduce your household waste

For a long time I was emptying the mail from my mailbox every day and taking it straight to my recycling bin. The catalogues seemed to come in faster than we could flick through them and leading up to Christmas, the amount of junk mail that came through was just overwhelming! 


no junk mail waste reduction letterbox


It frustrates me because not only does this junk mail try to persuade us that we need unnecessary things but many, many trees are being sacrificed so that retailers can stuff my letterbox full of advertising, just for me to dump it in my recycling bin!  

Then I found out that each household in New Zealand collects over 30 kg of unwanted paper waste per year!  

That was the impetus I needed to make the change for our family.

There is an easy solution

Instead of getting mad, I realised that I was just as responsible as the retailers for supporting these wasteful marketing methods by accepting them into my letterbox. 

And it’s actually really quick and easy to make an impactful change.

I went online to https://www.ecomailbox.co.nz and requested a free No Advertising Mail sticker for our letter box.  You only have to pay $2.50 for the post and handling fee or you can contact them to find out if there is a pick-up point near you.

eco mailbox

It has also inspired me to look at what bills are coming through my mailbox and change to a paperless option where possible - many businesses are now more than happy to email your bills to you, it saves them money too.

Eradicating junk mail is definitely worth the effort.  It saves time, money and natural resources. Plus, it feels so good to open my mailbox now and only find what is important or necessary and sometimes a wonderful surprise when it’s a card or gift from a loved one. 

If you want to join me and reduce your household’s paper waste, head to https://www.ecomailbox.co.nz and order your mailbox sticker today.  It’s a small, simple step we can take to live sustainably and take care of our planet.  Every one of us can make a difference!

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